What I’m Listening To, by Kay Smythe

Links, photos, videos, and simply just artists and track names I’m loving.

As a business owner, writer, and researcher, I can sometimes go days on end without having to talk to another human being in person. However, my days are also a minimum of 10 hours in length... so, the easiest way I keep motivated is listening to a broad variety of music. So intense is my addiction to all genres of music that I have had to become close friends with some of the biggest recording artists, DJs, musicians, producers, and managers in the entertainment/music industry. I’ll be sure to share any new releases or exclusive playlists via this String too...

Music is the universe. In its most simplistic form, string theory posits that every moment is its own note in time. Without music, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so let’s get listening!

Note: there is no pattern, structure, or genre-constant on this string. I’m European guys, it’s gonna get weird and diverse before it gets weirder and chaotic! So long as it makes me feel how the cover photo looks, it’ll be on here.

Kay Smythe
by Kay S.

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