Afterlife 2024

As night descends, when light and shadow dance,
An event awaits, all locked in a trance.
Beneath the moon, where dreams take flight,
An epic scene, the Afterlife.
Presented to you, a choice at the gate,
Angel or Demon, decide your fate.
Will you don wings, a halo to match,
Or opt for Devil’s horns, and mischief to hatch?
At the entrance, you pick your side,
Bask in Heaven's grace or enter Hell's wild ride.
Your actions speak, no words are needed,
In Afterlife's realm, all problems are treated.

Enter Childress, Connor & Chappy’s divine state of mind;
On your stairway to heaven, leave all your sins behind.
Or descend into red where KA’s gingers have settled down,
As Pierce, Carter, & FitzSimons radiate flames from their crown.
With the music's pulse setting the pace,
Find your bliss in this mystical place.
Till dawn's light, in revelry we’ll jive,
In the Afterlife is where you’ll feel most alive.

That is unless you surf the Fireball wave
And decide to join Dugan in his hellish grave.
Look out for the dance floor Demon when Berkman is near,
And beware, the Ghost of Yush (or Rhett) may try to steal your beer.

So think long on which side you'll embrace,
For this special event in a fantastical place.
We’ll dance away our burdens, erasing every trace of strife.
Courtesy of the Order, Welcome to Afterlife.

Kappa Alpha Order
by Kappa A.

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