Pie and Hard Liquor 2024🥧

PLEASE READ: Dear Attendee,

The brothers of Alpha Delta Phi welcome you to PHL 2024!

In a field bathed in sunshine, where laughter fills the air,

An unusual combination, their tastes distinct and rare.

A slice of pie, deliciously sweet,

Aged spirits, a treasure from the deep.

On this radiant, joyful day, with close friends around,

We celebrate the pairing, of pie and spirits found.

A tribute to these flavors, a narrative not yet shared,

Pie and hard liquor, a pairing beyond compare.


The gentlemen of Alpha Delta Phi

Please read the following instructions below to ensure everyone's safety for the event:

1. Due to recent events, nobody will be permitted entry under ANY circumstances without a wristband. This will be strictly enforced.

2. The location will not be released beforehand.

3. We encourage everybody to take the buses provided to limit traffic on the road outside the field, which often results in police showing up. The information is as follows:

Depart for field: 2 W Peabody Street, Durham, NC, 27701 @ 1:30 sharp

Depart from field @ 6pm.

Alpha Delta Phi
by Alpha D.

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