Rio Carnival 2024


Summer break seems so close… I know you’re dreaming of an amazing vacation. Maybe you’re imagining another same-old trip to Mexico or Florida, or even Beach Week. You’re probably thinking of anything to distract yourself from exams and 15-page final research papers. I get it.
But why not bring the spectacle of paradise to you?

Take a step outside… close your eyes… and imagine the Brazilian breeze on your face. Blue macaws singing their beautiful tune and a tropical parade dazzling with beautiful colors.

The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha welcome you to RIO. Come join the biggest carnivál in the world, a spectacle of vibrant colors, feathers, dancing, and magic. Enjoy the samba dancers, adorned in feathers and sequins, as they bring you the flavor of Rio Carnival. A grand parade float is calling your name, its feathered wings reaching to the sky as it covers you in a shimmer of color. Get ready to immerse yourself with the steel drum beat, and let the South American spirit take over!

by PiKappaAlpha

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