Aprés Ski 2024⛷️


In the glow of the fire's flickering light,
We gather round, post-slopes, into the night.
With cheeks all rosy and spirits high,
We share our tales of the ski and the sky.

Snow plows and slaloms, we've conquered the cold,
In sweaters and beanies, so brave and so bold.
But now, with hot cocoa and laughter to spare,
We toast to the mountains, and the fresh alpine air.
As day gives way to the night's first light,
We gather close, hearts warm and bright.
With stories of slopes and laughter we share,
In the sunset's glow, a perfect après-ski affair.

Tickets are non-refundable. All QR codes will be cross checked with internal invite list.

Alpha Delta Phi
by Alpha D.

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