A storyteller and image creator, Lauri Levenfeld uses Strings to promote to her various communities by inspiring, teaching and connecting others through the words and images she curates.

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Lauri Levenfeld is a fashion photographer and filmmaker. Her camera has captured personalities including Nelson Mandela, Hilary Clinton, Robert Redford, Mark Zuckerberg, Danny Glover, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Donna Karan and many Others. Lauri has used her storytelling to inspire and connect creative women through mentoring and community.

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Q: What do you like most about Strings? Lauri: “I like how I can showcase my work on Strings via new categories and interpretations. There are many interesting angles and perspectives that I can navigate regarding my content and how it relates to different audiences in my work and life.”
Q: How often do you use Strings? Lauri: “Whenever I feel like sharing something with my followers.”
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Q: Who would you recommend Strings to? Lauri: “I would recommend Strings to any of the women I work with. They are collectors, curators, innovators and creatives in all types of artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors.”
Q: Who do you like to follow on Strings? Lauri: “I am inspired by those that empower and manifest in so many categories from travel to art, fashion and more.“

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