From modeling in France, to brain tumor treatments and book tours, Grace Wethor uses Strings to layout the many aspects of her personal life and career.

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At 13 years old, Teen Vogue It-Girl, Grace Wethor was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Given an 8% chance of survival over the upcoming 6 months, she moved to LA and started pursuing her dreams in full force! Within 6 months she was working with Nickelodeon, opening shows at New York Fashion Week, & modeling for billboards in Times Square. Four years later her tumor is stable and she now focuses on helping other survivors pursue their dreams through her non-profit and book titled “You’re So Lucky”. Her recent ventures include a Ted Talk, a national book tour with Barnes & Noble, and hosting fashion shows for cancer survivors across the US.

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Q: Why did you join Strings? Grace: “Strings enables me to see the different things my friends are doing in school, life, and beyond. I also like that I an co-create Strings with certain friends that I have done projects with.”
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Q: What do you like most about Strings? Grace: “My favorite part about Strings is how I can have different interests/aspects of my life laid out in one place! People can choose to follow my health journey, fashion journey, or all of the above!” Q: Who would you recommend Strings to? Grace: “I would recommend Strings to anyone who has different interests and adventures they want to showcase! Strings is a great platform for laying out different activities you love.”
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Q: What was your favorite string to create? Grace: “My favorite string to create was my travel outfit inspo string. I created mood boards featuring different looks inspired by different cities I’ve visited. It seems to be one of my followers favorites as well.”
Q: How often do you use Strings? Grace: “Daily“ Q: Who do you like to follow on Strings? Grace: “A few types actually. I love to follow people who share travel and adventure content. I also like that you can create strings for specific topics - I can look for cool things to do in NYC, or the trendiest new LA spot.”

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